Burdock Root Tea

Good morning!

Lately, I’ve begun drinking burdock root tea every morning.

Burdock root is a food that helps get rid of mucus in the body, and if you’ve read my post about mucus, you know that mucus (that phlegm in your throat) is a sure sign of inflammation in the body. Since I live in the Piney Woods where we get clouds of green pollen every spring, I’m doing Spring Cleaning on my body.

I think if you can find fresh burdock root and eat it and a salad or something, it would be more affective at reducing mucus, but all I can access in my area is dried burdock root for tea. Anything is better than nothing.

This does seem to help a little, but I think the main difference with drinking tea I drink makes me feel better mentally. Even if drinking this tea only helps my body a little, it makes me feel good for doing it for myself. If nothing else, the tea will help to hydrate me, and I sweeten it with stevia, so it’s more fun than water.

Here’s to reducing inflammation! *Clink*


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