Good morning!

I’m outside doing my daily stretches. I stretched daylight before, but with being pregnant, it seems more necessary. If I sit still for too long, things begin to start hurting. I find that if I work out the stiffness in the mornings, that’s much less of a problem.

Speaking of health and stretching, I would say that stretching might be even more important than just exercise. Humans were made to be mobile. It’s not normal to just sit all day. I feel like with being pregnant, it’s not so much that I have new problems, it’s that any problems that I may have not noticed before are becoming much more concentrated, and I’m more aware of them.

As far as general health goes, I’m doing exactly the same things that I did before, I’m just doing them more now. Like stretching. I also make sure to stay hydrated for instance. Dehydration is bad for anyone, but it actually can make Braxton Hicks contractions worse. I learned that from my OB nurse.

I’m going to finish up my stretching now, but I hope this helps or inspires someone and everyone has a good day.


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