Good morning all!

Let’s talk about washing things. This falls into the frugal category of taking care of things, but this is specifically going to be about washing.

Recently, I’ve begun doing a monthly wash of my dogs’ bowls. I hadn’t washed them and so long, and they were looking a little ratty. My spouse commented that we might think about buying them new bowls, but I know that with these being nice bowls that were not rusty at all, I could wash them and make them shine again.

The effect was amazing. I washed the bowls, and they looked like brand new again! After that, I decided I continue washing them. I also washed their water tank, and it looked pretty good too.

I actually first heard about doing this from Kate Singh. She’s a YouTuber that talks about frugality and living well on less. She always talked about washing her dogs’ bowls, and I always ignored it. But I finally began doing that, and it now I see why she does it.

Since my bowl discovery, I’ve begun washing several things. I wash the dog bowls, I wash the dog water tank, I’ve started washing up my dishes more often (so I can wash all of us at one time), I wash any filters that I have if they’re good quality; I wash everything I can. This helps keep things in better condition so we buy less. It also just makes life prettier.

You may consider washing things to make your life prettier.


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