Saving Space and Other Stuff

Good morning all!

It feels very early. My husband works the evening/night shift at his work and gets home about 2 am. I have long-since stopped trying to stay up till then to see him, but I still wake up when he comes in, no matter how quiet he is. So even though I went to bed at a reasonable 10:30, I didn’t get much of that really deep beauty sleep. I’ll be glad whenever he moves to a job with daytime hours.

Anyway, enough complaining. It’s a beautiful day.

My mom is actually coming to pick me up in a little while. We’re going to visit one of the local thrift shops, and then we’re going grocery shopping. It sounds quite mundane, but I feel like it’s a big adventure since I spent about three years in a place where I couldn’t walk anywhere and everyone around me had day jobs and couldn’t take me places and hang out. Basically, I lived a near-hermit lifestyle.

I know I moved, so this is still real life, but I seriously feel like I’m on vacation.

This is real life, though, and I did say at one point that I’d be showing off some of the space-saving techniques I’m using, so I’ll mention the few I’ve implemented so far.

This first picture is a towel holder that I crocheted. Instead of letting the kitchen towel keep sliding off the oven handle or sit on the counter, I made a cute solution. They sell towel racks, but I also didn’t want to buy one.

I love this guy. He’s my over-the-sink dish-drying rack. If I ever have to replace this, I may get a two-tiered rack. This lets me dry dishes and not have a dish-drainer taking up half the sink or part of my counter.

This is one of my kitchen cabinets. I’m in the process of taking the door off. I am planning on putting up curtains, and this isn’t for everyone, but the doors were so large that they kept getting in the way and knocking things over when I would open them. I’d have to walk around the door just to get to the sink since the door stuck out at least six inches. This was very annoying during cooking, which I do a lot.

Pardon the mess – I’m still unpacking and arranging. This is an extra cart I use to hold the microwave. This gets it off the counter. The cart is also currently holding my box of washrags, and that’s nice, too.

Those are my space-saving techniques so far. There will most likely be more I’ll show off. I already have plans for some kitchen pegboards and a hanging fruit basket. We may even get a gateleg kitchen table, but we need to finish getting things in order first.

Well, I hope you all have a great day! Here’s some love and light for everyone!


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