Frugality-Waste Not; Want Not

Good morning!

I was unpacking yesterday and began thinking about not wasting things. I try to save everything I can, but this has also gotten me in trouble in the past (because in my specific situation, members of my family buy me things, and my house gets cluttered up).

Nevertheless, I still save many things. Below is a picture of a pile of empty trash bags.

I used them for moving to carry dirty laundry and wrap a few last-minute items. Instead of throwing them away now, I emptied them out, and I’ll be using them for trash.

Yes, for a couple weeks, I’m going to have a pile (or a box/bag) of bags laying around, but it’s so important to me to keep the extra plastic out of the landfill. And it’ll save a few cents, but I mostly want to reduce my waste. I also do this with my large dog food bags. Rather than putting them in another bag, I’ll throw some trash into those. It’s all going to the same place.

I hope y’all are having a good weekend.


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