Aah, Moving!

Good morning!

I’ve been taking a break from the blog this week (and the posts will probably be sporadic in the coming week) because we’ve been moving and unpacking all the things.

Moving is crazy! I’ve moved myself, but this is the first time I’ve moved houses with a whole family. We’re fairly minimalist, which helped, but we still ended up with tons of boxes to be moved.

But, being in the new house has felt a little like a vacation. We have an actual back porch now (pictures to come), and I get to go out every morning and sit on the porch swing and watch the doggies run and play while I drink my tea. And our yard is actually big enough now to keep the dogs outside and in the utility room, so my floors aren’t being constantly dirtied up. And our cost of living is slightly lower, so we’re going to be able to comfortably go out to eat more often (more often than the handful of times a year that we went before, haha). It’s been so nice.

Plus, when I’m no longer pregnant and can walk long distances, there are many, many fun, touristy things to do in town. We’re only about 7 walking minutes from the downtown area. If you’ve ever watched Gilmore Girls, I would liken this town to Stars Hollow. The population here is about 3,500, and there and it’s a tourist town, so there are plenty of ‘Mom and Pop’ shops and town events.

I’ll sign off for now since there’s more unpacking for me to do.


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