It’s Moving Weekend!

Good morning! (even though it’s totally the middle of the night)

It’s Friday! Yay! And for my husband and me, it’s the home-stretch of the very long race to find a new house.

We’ve been looking at different properties for 2 1/2 years now. We’d probably still be looking for that perfect place if our needs hadn’t changed due to a bun getting in the oven. But things did change, and we can finally see the finish line.

I’m up in the middle of the night because 1)I’m just excited, but 2)I was going to be getting up soon anyway to finish up some of the packing. My husband keeps telling me “Oh, let me do that; you’re pregnant”. I totally get that and appreciate it since my body is already working overtime, but being pregnant doesn’t mean I have to sit around and do nothing.

So, here we are! Moving weekend! It’s a late night of last-minute packing and a whirlwind of a weekend to get everything moved over, but I think it’ll be fun. It’ll be exhausting, but fun.

I’m most excited to get my new kitchen set up. I know I have a whole house that I can decorate, but I’m focused on the kitchen. I have so many recipes that I want to try. I’ve been keeping food buying to a minimum for the last month or so, so I haven’t attempted any new recipes, but I’m looking so forward to being able to try some in the coming week.

I’m really looking forward to making mochi. If you don’t know, mochi is an Asian dessert that’s basically a steamed sticky rice ball. If you’ve ever heard of mochi ice cream, the mochi is the cake-y part. It looks so simple to make, but I know from experience that it can taste fabulous (whether mine comes out fabulous remains to be seen).

As I don’t eat gluten, I’ve been looking into a lot of rice-based desserts. For me, that means watching a lot of Asian-cooking videos. Caucasians have rice pudding, and that’s about it. And rice pudding isn’t really that spectacular. Plus, I also don’t eat dairy, and rice pudding can be… interesting to change out the dairy.

Nevertheless, wish me luck with moving, and I’ll update you from the other side!


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