Anabolic Kitchen for Broke Females

Hey y’all,

I’ve been watching a fair amount of Remington James videos in the past few days. I like the overall concept of what he’s doing, but, just like Greg Doucette (or even more so), he relies so heavily on animal products and expensive foods in his cooking, and his channel is mostly geared toward males and not females. He does have a handful of videos for women, but not many.

As far as “expensive foods” go, I guess for many people it’s not that expensive. Specifically, I was looking up Toufayan wraps the other day, and it’s $14 for 5 wraps! People like Greg Doucette and Remington James have no trouble affording these kinds of wraps, but for broke people (needing to spend $3 or less on food a day), we can’t be dropping our entire food budget for the day on a single, low-calorie wrap.

As far as the animal-products go, both Greg and Remington use a ton of egg whites in their food. There’s not a quick, veg substitute that I’ve found that will give you similar protein. In certain cases, one could substitute tofu, but not in many cases, and tofu is way more expensive that eggs.

I’m not going to promise to redo the anabolic kitchen recipes, but I am changing some and incorporating them in my diet anyway, so I’ll post recipes whenever I make them up. It is sad that I, as a broke, plant-based female am struggling to find good anabolic food recipes. I realize that that category is pretty far in the minority, but that’s who I am.

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