Bodybuilder Diet?

Hey y’all!

So, I’ve been watching a lot of bodybuilder food videos. Why? I’m not trying to do bodybuilding. I’m actually a petite girl with very little muscle, and I’m totally fine with staying that way. So why in the world would I be so into these bodybuilder nutrition plans?

Well, firsly, bodybuilders eat very cleanly. I’ve never heard one suggest to eat a bunch of plain ramen. Second, bodybuilders are the only people I know of that eat super healthy and aren’t trying to lose weight. Even when “cutting” to lose fat, bodybuilders still pack in at least 3,000+ calories a day. Most videos I see of people eating healthy food are also trying to lose weight, so they suggest calorie reduction. Bodybuilders don’t do that. I don’t need to lose any weight, so that’s a good thing. Thirdly, bodybuilders need to eat all the time to get in the calories that they need, but they also spend much of their time working out and don’t have time to make elaborate meals. Bodybuilder food is quick, easy to make (and can usually be made in advance), and tastes pretty good (because who wants to eat 3,000+ calories of nasty food?)

I’ve actually seen a lot of videos for vegan bodybuilders on a budget, and that’s (for me) like the Holy Grail of videos for meal plan inspiration. A lot of budget bodybuilders suggest to eat eggs because they’re cheap, but if you don’t/can’t eat eggs, then that’s a problem. But that’s not an issue with vegan bodybuilders. The same thing goes for budget bodybuilding. Bodybuilding food can get expensive. You have to eat day in and day out, and even though bodybuilders use cheap staple foods (for those high calories), the toppings for those foods do add up. Budget bodybuilders don’t have so many fancy toppings. Many are in school or just out of school and truly have no money and minimal cooking skills.

You know those ven diagrams with three circles? Budget Bodybuilding diets are like the middle part.

Yeah… like that. I love watching bodybuilding meal plans. They give me so much inspiration! Last night I actually found this one channel from a bodybuilder who calls himself the Pec Chef. He’s predominantly vegetarian, so he does eat dairy and eggs, but he doesn’t seem to use them much, especially in his budget videos. He’s one of my favorites for inspiration.

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