Hakuna Matata Smoothie

Oh my goodness! I feel amazing because I just made this smoothie, and now I feel like a genius.

I call this the Hakuna Matata Smoothie. It’s fun, healthy, and tasty, and it costs $1 or less to make! Here’s the recipe:

Hankuna Matata Smoothie

-1/2 oats (divided)

-1/4 c orange juice (divided)

-2 bananas

-2 T flax meal

-1 oz greens (or about 1 cup of spinach or 1 large leaf of kale)

-2 T stevia/sweetener of choice

-smidgeon of salt

First, for the yellow part. Blend 1 1/2 bananas with 1/2 the oats, 1/2 the orange juice, the flax meal, and just a tiny bit of water). Then pour in a glass.

For the green, blend the rest of the ingredients together with about a cup of water (or about twice as much as the first step). Gently pour this on top of your yellow mixture.

Garnish with a fresh strawberry on the glass if you wish. Enjoy!

I know I just laid out the recipe, but I was basing ideas around a picture I found, so I was mainly focusing on the colors. This is the Hakuna Matata Smoothie! No worries! Anything goes, so feel free to add in different things to your liking.

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