“Smoothies in Under 2 Minutes”?

Hey y’all,

This morning I was looking up new smoothie recipes when I came across a video of a person who was saying that a smoothie takes less than 2 minutes to make and clean up.

I disagree. Very much.

I think a good smoothie should take 15 minutes or less, but “2 minutes” literally just includes throwing the ingredients in the blender, blending, and rinsing the blender out. That’s not real life.

Making a smoothie for me means looking at my recipe (because I forget things if I don’t), gathering all my ingredients, possibly chopping some of them up, blending, and rinsing/washing out the blender. And I’ve been doing this intensely for a few months, so I’m much quicker and more organized than when I started.

Maybe… maybe… if you’re super-organized with your utensils and prep all your food in advance and have been making smoothies regularly for years, then maybe you can get your smoothie-making time down to 5 minutes. That’s my goal. But 2 minutes is unrealistic.

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