DIY Dome of Silence

Hey y’all,

This morning, I created my own dome of silence for my blender. It’s loud, so I went on the internet looking for ways to make it quieter. An actual blender dome of silence seems to work really well, but they’re $51 plus shipping and tax. That might be a good option in the future, but not right now.

I still want my blender to be quieter, so I decided to make my own Dome of Silence.

Sorry for the branding and the dirty blender – I used it before I took the picture.

I found a box that was about the right size, and I cut a hole in the back for the blender cord, and I put a towel in the bottom of the box. Now my blender is 1/3 as loud (quieter than my bigger blender that costs twice as much).

For 5 minutes of my time, I found a solution to my problem that saved me $51+. Now I can make smoothies while my husband is asleep in the next room.

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