Wearing White is Dangerous

Hey y’all,

So, I’m wearing a white night shirt that my mother-in-law got for me, and it’s made me remember why I stopped buying white clothes for myself a long time ago.

Wearing white is dangerous and expensive. White clothes stain super easily. I stopped buying white years ago because it was fairly normal for me to spill something on myself, or something I was cooking would splatter in the pan. Even if I managed not to spill anything on myself, the white would go dingy after only a few washes. I didn’t want to walk around with dingy, stained clothes, and I also didn’t want to buy new clothes every few weeks, so I stopped buying white and bought either dark or colorful clothes.

Then I got pregnant, and my mother-in-law bought me a cute night shirt for Christmas. It says “Baby Bear on the Way” and is adorable and soft. However, it’s also white. I got it for Christmas; it’s only part-way through January, and I already have so many stains on it! Being pregnant, my breasts and abdomen are bigger, so I’m dropping things on myself multiple times a day. I’m glad this shirt is only for home, because I’d be way too embarrassed to wear it out anywhere. I’m also really glad this is a pregnancy shirt, because it definitely wouldn’t survive any longer than that.

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