Green Smoothie

Hey y’all,

The other day, I posted about my grocery budget. At the time, I mentioned posting some of the food I made with it. I didn’t think my first food post would be a smoothie, but here it is.

I was feeling in a rut with my typical daily smoothie, so I tried this green one this morning. It tasted amazing! I didn’t make it strictly to the recipe, though. I didn’t have everything it called for, and I wanted to add some things.

What I blended up was:

¼ c oats
½ banana
1 Tbsp flaxseed meal
1 small leaf kale
2 small green apples

It didn’t make as much smoothie as I’m used to, but that wasn’t a bad thing for today since I’m apparently getting burnt out on smoothies.

The only thing I didn’t mention in the budget blog post was the flaxseed meal. About once a year I buy about 25 lbs of flaxseed. Then, I grind up about half cup a week and keep it in the fridge.

Not only is this cheaper (per pound) than buying smaller quantities, but it also allows me to always have flax meal on hand so I can sprinkle it in everything. This is also reduces some of our trash and makes me feel better mentally.

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