Frugality is About Choices, not Misery

Hey y’all.

I just wrote about how reusing your aluminum foil saves money. This probably sounds a bit crazy, because even doing that only saves about $11 per year.

I want to make it clear that being frugal and saving money isn’t about being miserable and saving all the money. Frugality just allows you to focus on spending your money on things that you enjoy, and not spending money on things that you don’t care about. $11 doesn’t seem like much, but that amount will let me buy a new dog toy for my dog. Washing my foil isn’t a big deal to me, so I’m just going to save the money, and by my dog a toy.

Some of my money-saving ideas are a bit crazy. I know that. But if they’re too crazy for you, then don’t do them. Most of them work for me, so I do them, but you don’t have to. Do what you want, but at least you have the information to make that choice.

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