Anti-inflammatory Desserts

Hey y’all!

So, desserts are really a challenge when you’re trying to reduce inflammation. Sugar is inflammatory, gluten is inflammatory, dairy is inflammatory. That’s what conventional dessert is made of! Unless you can manage to only eat fruit or things like sweet potatoes for dessert (which I actually enjoy most of the day until night stikes), dessert recipes and inspiration will be super helpful.

You can eat maple syrup and similar products when you’re on an anti-inflammatory diet, but those can get expensive, and they just don’t work in every recipe. Also, there’s a yeast in your body called Candida that loves any kind of sugar, and it’s like a gremlin. It’s fine normally, but feed it too much and it starts making trouble.

For these reasons, I’ve begun using stevia to sweeten my food (which is actually mostly sugar alcohol unless you buy pure stevia, which is green and has a whang).

Recently, I’ve been making a lot of bean-based desserts. They have lots of fiber and protein and none of those inflammatory effects.

I started out making pinto bean brownies. They’re good, but I quickly tired of so much chocolate, so I’ve been changing it up. I’ve also noticed that stevia doesn’t sweeten chocolate as well as sugar. It’ll make other things really sweet, but it needs to be combined with another sweetener for chocolate.


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