Rice and Beans

Hey y’all!

Rice and beans are so wonderful! Together, they contain all the essential amino acids to form full proteins. If you utilize brown rice, you’ll get a higher fiber boost, along with more protein and nutrients. Beans are a superfood! They’re hearty and contain many nutrients that are great for all parts of the body (and lots of lysine, which does wonders for the skin). They’re also cheap! If you’re trying to save up money or have fallen on hard times, beans and rice are a great combination! Actually, beans and any grain will contain all of the amino acids, so corn or oatmeal (or anything else) will do the same job in your body. That’s good news if you like grits and refried beans for a hearty breakfast (I’d probably want to pretend I was a cowboy out on the train with that meal).

Anyway, here are links to some fabulous beans and rice (or beans and other) recipes I’ve found! I’m going to continually update this list as I find new recipes, so check back.

Hot Mess

Adzuki Bean Paste Breakfast

-This recipe is for oats and beans – Bean Brownie Muffins

Jadarah – I don’t think the water listed here is correct. Use 4 cups, divided.

Orange Cranberry Muffins (bean option)

Bean Spice Cake

Apple-Raisin Bean Muffins

Asian Veggie Rice (I substitute ⅓ beans instead of mushrooms)

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