My “Swiffer Wet Jet”

Hey y’all,

Ok, so I don’t have a Swiffer Wet Jet. What I do have is a regular dry Swiffer and a spray bottle.

As far as I know, Swiffer Wet Jets are mostly regular “mops” that spray out water onto the floor so that it’s easier to clean up messes. If that’s truly the case (I’ve never had the privilege of using one, so I don’t know), then I’ve recreated exactly that.

This saves money since I didn’t go out and buy a fancy new cleaning tool; I just used what I had. Something else I do that’s getting into cheapskate territory is that I try not to buy the disposable replacement towels for my Swiffer. Occasionally I do, but I try to use an old cleaning rag that’s on its last leg. I don’t like to wash something I’ve cleaned the floors with in the washer. To me, that seems gross. However, if I can use something one more time before I’m going to throw it away anyway, then that seems like a great solution to me.

Today I needed to deep clean my floors, and I actually used a piece of leg fabric from my husband’s old work pants.

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