Depression Cooking

Hey y’all,

This morning I was watching She’s Drinking Coffee (on YouTube) with Kate Singh. Kate was talking about how people in the depression era lived.

I was totally inspired by the idea of how those people cooked! The food during that time was simple, inexpensive, and tasty. It had to be tasty, because the dishes were eaten day in and day out often for years. Thinking about my own cooking, I can cook really well, but the cleaner/healthier my food gets, the more my spouse finds it bland.

I found several depression-era recipes online, and I’m going to try them and healthify them. I will say, many of the depression recipes use gluten-y flour, dairy & eggs, and processed meats, because that’s what was available and was produced in a healthier way 100 years ago. But times have changed. Those foods are no longer good for the body, so some tweaking has to be done.

My goal for food is to find tasty and cheap recipes to make my spouse want to eat at home and that will promote his health. With that said, I’m going to begin trying to cook 80-90% healthy. I have recipes that I like that are completely healthy, but that won’t work if the spouse avoids it and runs out to get a cheeseburger.

Anyway, this is the first article about depression cooking that I came across, so I’m going to start there. I’ll go through most of the recipes and swap ingredients out to make them healthier, and I’ll post my versions here. So stay tuned!

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