Inflammation and Mucus

Hey y’all,

So, last night I noticed how mucus was building in my body (I had to clear out some snot rockets), and I slept through my alarm this morning. I’ve been doing this off and on since I’ve been slipping back into eating more cooked food, but last night/this morning was the worst. This tells me that I need to get back on the raw foods wagon.

When I was eating at least 60-80% raw food, I never slept through my alarm, and I didn’t get any mucus build-up. Mucus build-up is actually a side effect of information (Ralph Smart). In fact, when I eat raw food, I expel some phlegm from my lungs at first (this stopped after a few days, though).

This past couple weeks I’ve slipped down to eating 30-40% raw food. I’ve been eating my veggie smoothie every morning, but I didn’t get salad fixings at the store, and I also began thinking “treat yo-self.” I think I should indulge in some fun things, but I shouldn’t use that as an excuse in my diet.

Today, I ramped up my raw food intake to about 85%, so hopefully I’ll be able to see some changes soon. I’m so grateful that I learned about this mucus thing. The only way I could see the signs of inflammation before was in my skin, and by the time the inflammation showed in my skin, my body was almost back at square 1. Now, I can see the inflammation before it ever touches my skin, and it’s a lot more manageable to fix.

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