How to Make Lemon Vinegar

Hey y’all!

Confession time. I did something that seemed like a fantastic idea at the time, but ended up being a bad call. Lemons were on sale at the store, so I bought a big bag of them. At first I thought it was going to save some money, but I didn’t realize that 1) lemons don’t have tons of juice in them, and 2) I really don’t like juicing lemons – I can never squeeze them enough to feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.

I didn’t want to compost all my lemon rinds after a single use, so now when I use them, I put the used lemon in a jar of filtered water.

After I use all my lemons and finish filling this jar with lemon bits and water, I’m going to let it sit out for another week or two to become lemon vinegar. Then I can use it for cleaning (in theory, I could cook with this, but I’ve tried, and I’ve decided that the factories have it down to a science, so I’m going to let them make my cooking vinegar).

Not only does doing this make me relax when squeezing lemons (making it a less dreadful experience), but this also saves money by being able to use the lemons twice! (I’m not convinced it saves us money when compared to using a bottle of lemon juice, but it sure makes up for that money mishap of buying all the sale lemons.) Plus, this is such an easy way to save! After I use a lemon, instead of putting it in the compost jar (or trash can), I simply put it in the jar of lemons and water. It’s exactly the same amount of work. After a while, though, I’ll have a whole other product. I’ll just strain the lemons out, and voi la! vinegar to clean things for weeks!

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