Law of Vibration and New Year’s Resolutions

Hey y’all,

I learned something this morning. I was watching a video of Bob Proctor – he’s a financial guru – and I learned that the Law of Vibration is the precursor to the Law of Attraction.

I’d heard about the Law of Attraction, but I’d always heard how it can lead to a slippery slope of getting into mysticism and magic. The whole concept even seemed magical to me (attracting what you are). I didn’t understand it and wrote it off. It sounded similar to karma, and I didn’t feel any need to pay attention to it.

However, this morning Bob talked about the Law of Vibration, and it actually made sense to me. He said that everything is energy (which Einstein pointed out), and it’s actually impossible to attract energies of a different vibration (like electricity – you match up the voltages or any device you’re trying to run won’t work).

That’s why being around positive people or in positive places is good. The old “misery loves company” saying is true. Negativity will find more negativity. But positivity will find more positivity.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions (which I don’t typically do since you can make changes any time of year) was going to be to stick to my budget. That’s not a bad goal, but now I have a caveat – every morning I’m going to tell myself that there is plenty of money. As long as my household sticks to our budget, this will be true, but being super positive about it will bring more positivity into my life. And I like positivity.

The Law of Vibration is scary-cool in some ways. I made a smoothie for breakfast while I was watching the Bob Proctor video. The smoothie was right on the edge of either being very good or tasting strange. I decided to try out this Law of Vibration. When I thought about the smoothie not tasting good and dreading taking a swig, it did taste bad. But when I kept thinking “Oh, this smoothie is so good! It’s going to do wonderful things for my body!” the smoothie actually did taste good! It was amazing!

There are so many little things in my life that I want to put a positive spin on. For example, there’s the whole “I have really bad luck” notion. Instead of thinking that I or my family has bad luck, I want to focus on all the good things that we have.

Bob Proctor utilizes the Law of Vibration in financial matters, but I’m not even going to concern myself with that at the moment. I just want more “good vibes” in my life.

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