Cloth Diapering

Hey y’all!

If you’ve missed it somehow, I’m 5 months pregnant. (With a boy, yay!) I’m going to cloth diaper.

One person in particular keeps telling me that I’ll probably change my mind… But I’ve been decided on this for years. I’m going to cloth diaper.

I do realize that there will be days, maybe most, where I wish I could just throw away all the diapers. However, not only is cloth diapering better for the environment (because disposables won’t be going in the landfill) and potentially better for the baby’s bum (no chemicals and you’re inclined to change diapers more often), cloth diapering is a more frugal option.

We have enough money, but only if we stick to our budget. With a baby coming, we can’t afford to be nickel and dime’d for disposables.

It’s about $8 for a 120 pack of cheap disposable diapers. That doesn’t sound like much, but a baby will be going through 15-30 diapers a day. That means one package will last less than a week. That’s $40+ extra every month!

Cloth diapers are more expensive at first (about $140 for 60), but they’re completely paid for in under 3 months. Even if you buy all new cloth diapers every 4 months, that still will save you $40+. Kids are usually in diapers for about 2 years. That means that if you only save $40 every 4 months, that’s still nearly $250 by the time the child is potty trained.

To some, $250 isn’t worth cloth diapering, but to others, it’s most definitely worth it.

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