Food to Treat MS

Hey y’all,

I wasn’t going to put out another post today, but this information is really important. It could change lives, so I’m going to talk about it.

I’ve been talking about the link between diet and inflammation. Many diseases begin with inflammation and progress from there. I knew heart disease can be treated with diet as well as diabetes, cancer, and other major diseases (Rip Esselstyn). I also knew that you could treat less major diseases like eczema (which I have), arthritis, fibromyalgia, and others. At this point, my first go to when it comes to treating anything is to look at diet. However, I didn’t know much about MS except that it was bad.

Tonight, I watched a documentary about MS (Living Proof). Apparently, it’s one of those horrible, incurable diseases. The standard treatment includes stabbing yourself with a long needle to inject expensive drugs that do little to nothing to delay the lessening of mobility.

That sounds horrible because it is.

Some people did begin looking to diet, though. There are a few different components (although, it’s so similar that I would argue is may as well be the same), but these people are basically treating MS with an anti-inflammatory diet (

The initial cause of MS is inflammation (Living Proof documentary). The immune system simply begins attacking the spinal cord (with eczema, the immune system attacks the skin; arthritis-the joints; fibromyalgia-pain receptors; etc.). Inflammation is the root cause of nearly all diseases (Un-Inflame Me documentary). For this reason, eating an anti-inflammatory diet (like the Monkey Diet) can help you avoid almost all disease.

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