Sometimes You Need Normal Food

Hey y’all,

Something’s been on my mind recently, and I have to say something.

When you look up vegan/raw food recipes online, you get a lot of results for elaborate dishes and sweet treats. These foods are fun, but most of the time I eat smoothies and salads. I make those special dishes only once or twice a week.

Let’s be real. After a full day of work, most people don’t want to come home and make elaborate food.

It’s nice to throw a bunch of things in a bowl or the blender and have food ready in minutes. It doesn’t always need to be the greatest thing ever, but it needs to be acceptable and filling.

I begin most mornings with a smoothie. It consists of:

-1-2 leaves greens
-1/3 c (I just eyeball it) cruciferous veg (I like to use red cabbage)
-1/2 c berries
-1-2 bananas
-1 c rolled oats (for calories and silica)
-1/4 c flaxseed meal (for Omega-3)
-1/4 c sunflower seeds (for vitamin e)

Then I blend it up with some filtered water or cooled herbal tea. Some days I throw in different spices to change the flavor or use up leftover veggies. Right now, avocados are on sale, so I have a whole avocado in my smoothie.

When you begin eating really healthy, don’t think ‘Oh, gosh. I have to buy a dehydrator and make 3 gourmet meals a day.’ Part of a healthy diet is sustainability. Do things that you will actually do everyday. Yes, the fancy recipes are fun every now and then, but no one wants to spend hours making food everyday.

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