Use Liquid Soap in the Dishwasher (or vinegar)

Hey y’all,

Lifestyle is a major part of being healthy, and stress can deteriorate your health fast.

Scientifically, this has to do with adrenals and other chemical reactions (link), but that’s another post.

Money (or not having enough) causes stress. So, here’s how you can replace those dishwasher pods and save at least 25 cents per load.

Start by loading up your dishes like normal. Then put about a Tbsp of baking soda in there. It can really go anywhere, but I just sprinkle it on the door when it’s open. Then put 2-3 drops (ONLY A FEW DROPS! Otherwise you will get a pool of suds leaking out of your dishwasher) of liquid dish soap (Dawn or anything else) where you normally stick the soap pods. Then run your dishwasher just like you always do.

That’s it. Just baking soda and a little soap. Conversely, you could choose to forget the baking soda and soap and just fill the dishwasher pod holder with white vinegar. This method may work better for some people.

After discovering this, I began using my dishwasher more. I hand-washed a lot of dishes before that because it was cheaper, but with this hack, using the dishwasher doesn’t cost more.

If you’re buying even the cheap 25 cent dishwasher pods and using them just 4 times a week, in a year that’s over $50. You can buy a pound of baking soda and a bottle of dish soap for $10. That’s $40 extra for something you want, presents for others, bills, or savings. Seriously, Christmas. $40 extra would be nice at Christmas.

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