Health Update – It’s All Getting Better!

Hey y’all,

I wanted to update you about how my health is since I’ve been following a nutritarian diet.

But let’s also begin with the fact that all the whole-food plant-based people typically say to stop counting calories and just eat whatever you want. I tried this, and it had detrimental effects on me. After eating the Standard American Diet while growing up, I got used to eating a small portion. Add into that I was also exposed to calorie restriction, and once I began a whole-foods plant-based lifestyle, I lost a ton of weight (especially after trying to implement the “don’t eat until you’re hungry for vegetables” mindset). At first, losing weight was a good thing. I needed to lose about 70 lbs. But then I lost the 70 lbs and continued losing weight. As I neared the 100 lb mark (and began feeling like a frail bird and watching my boobs shrivel to nothing), I broke down and began counting calories again to make sure I was eating enough. I was only eating about 1300 calories a day! I need more like 1900! That was 2 years ago, and only now am I starting to not watch my calories as closely. I still have to pay attention, but I’m not rigorously tracking at the moment.

But back to the health update! At the end of October 2020, I switched from eating an 85% whole-food plant-based starch solution diet to eating a 100% nutritarian diet. The health benefits have amazed me. For a few years I did eat a 100% whole-foods plant-based diet, so I thought I was doing pretty good in the health department, but it surprised me how much better things got when I went Nutritarian and began eating a lot of raw vegetables.

The first thing I noticed was the surge in energy. I always hear my alarm now and often don’t need the snooze button. Before, I had to have my alarm volume about 3 times as loud, and I would still sleep through it some of the time. I also always used the snooze button for about an hour after my alarm initially rang.

My skin inflammation is also going down. My inflammation likes to show up as eczema. Some people get arthritis or fibromyalgia; my skin gets ANGRY! (I’m about to show some pictures, and it’s important to know that eczema heals like a bruise. It spreads out as it fades and heals, so I don’t worry about the fact that it’s bigger.)

This is only from November to December. It’s not a huge difference in the photos, but you can tell that the skin is less angry and red.
These pictures are amazing to me. In just a short period of time, the eczema on my leg has nearly completely faded away.

Eating a Nutritarian Diet really did the trick for me, and I can 99% guarantee that it would do the same for you, no matter what your goals.

This is the Nutritarian food pyramid and the Monkey Diet pie chart. They’re pretty similar, and either will help you accomplish your goals.

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