Raw Food is Natural… But Hard

Hey y’all.

Humans are the only species on the planet that cooks food. Raw food is amazingly healthy! It’s full of nutrients, fiber, and enzymes.

Raw food is also full of water, and it’s all pretty low calorie. If you’re a petite person, it’s going to be difficult for you to get sufficient calories while eating a completely raw, whole-food diet. The expanded stomach is only about the size of two fists put together, and the smaller you are, the less food can fit in your stomach.

I’m a petite, barely 5’3″ woman, and my stomach’s pretty small. For about a week, I tried to eat 75% of my food from raw plants. However, after taking hours to eat my meals and having a stomach ache afterwards and still losing weight, I adjusted my diet. I needed to gain some weight, and there was no way to get those calories from raw food.

I now eat about 45-50% of my food from raw plants. I still recommend eating as many raw vegetables as possible, but adjust for yourself.

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