The Face Tells the Story

Hey y’all,

As you may know, I’ve recently begun eating the Monkey Diet (a mix of Nutritarian WFPB and raw vegan). I’ve been dealing with severe inflammation that shows up as eczema for pretty much my whole life. There have been periods from a few weeks to a few months where it has gone away, but it’s never stayed gone for good.

2019 was a big turning point for me. I learned that inflammation can be treated with diet. Although I did see some remarkable results after changing my diet, I believed I was “cured” and began eating things I shouldn’t have.

Anyway, I’ve altered the diet slightly, and I’m back on it and completely sure that I can kick this thing this time around if I’ll just keep eating the correct foods. Recently, I heard that different parts of the face correspond to different organs of the body. If a blemish shows up on the face, its location can tell the cause.

In light of this information, I looked up a chart of the face-organ connection and compared my own face. What I found was shocking.

Let me begin by saying that this is the best my face has looked in months. I know it’s dry and flaky, but it’s not red or oozing, and that’s a big deal for me.

As you can see, my forehead is pretty much fine, but I’m really dry over the bones surrounding my cheeks and my chin, and a little dry around my mouth. That means that my small intestines are fine, as is my heart and bladder. My liver, kidneys, and colon are under some serious stress, though. That makes sense, as those are the body’s filtering organs.

I will say, about a week ago, my entire face was a dry and flaky to varying degrees. That must mean that my level of inflammation is going down. I also have large patches of this inflammation elsewhere on my body, and they are all getting slowly better as well.

Seeing which organs are under strain doesn’t really matter, since my main objective is to reduce my overall inflammation anyway, but it’s definitely interesting, and I now know that it’s far more than just my liver being toxic. I was under the impression that my liver was responsible, and if I cleaned that, it would help (which it would), but it’s all my filter organs, which I wasn’t expecting.


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