Why I Don’t Recommend Going Cold Turkey on Medications

Hey y’all,

So, I don’t think people should just stop taking medications when they start eating a healthy diet.

Specifically, I have personal experience with topical steroids, but I’m 99% positive that that experience also applies to most medications.

When you begin a healthy diet, your body begins to heal itself. However, your body may (likely) have become dependant on any medications you’re taking. Even if you begin to feel better by eating healthy food, your body has learned that it doesn’t need to do all of whatever job the medication is for. If you stop all at once, your body will struggle to do the entire job of the medication, and healing may plateau – in the case of topical steroids for a skin condition, stopping the steroids with a rash in multiple places is too much for the body to handle.

This is why it’s important to wean yourself off of medication. Not only is it a good practice in general, but your body needs time to relearn how to fully function properly without medication. Weaning off also helps to lessen any adverse reactions. Those (again) come from the body not being used to doing the job of the medication and freaking out about doing it.

Weaning off medication vs just stopping is like the mentalities of teaching/training vs sink or swim. Sink or swim can work, but sometimes it doesn’t. Teaching and taking time for the student/body to learn has a much higher success rate.


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