Salad vs Pizza

Hey y’all,

Since it’s the weekend, my husband was home for dinner, and he really wanted to order a pizza. Ok, fine.

As part of my Monkey Diet, I was having a huge salad. It had beans and rice and nuts in it along with multiple greens, so it was rather filling.

I was partway through my salad when my husband’s pizza arrived. As soon as it did, my salad lost all of its appeal. I was eating, and I could smell the pizza, and it smelled so good.

I’ve been in similar situations before, but I’ve never craved pizza so badly. If course, there’s no way I could have eaten it anyway, being full of gluten and dairy, but I sure wanted it. I didn’t even finish my salad. A fourth of it was put away for tomorrow, because I couldn’t stand to eat any more. It wasn’t pizza. Super healthy, yes, but pizza it was not.

Maybe I should try to make a pizza version of a salad…


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