Monkey Diet

Hey y’all,

So I’m going to begin eating the Monkey Diet. You probably haven’t heard of it, because I just made it up about an hour ago (the name, the concept’s been around forever).

So, let’s talk about the Monkey Diet. You might think monkeys eat only bananas, but that’s not true.

Monkey Diet

All primates have indentical gut anatomy to humans. I’ve never heard of a monkey with chronic inflammation, so they must be doing something right. Monkeys eat half fruit, nearly half veg, and a tiny bit of meat and fats. I say meat, because I plan to substitute the insects with some kind of meat.

Basically, the orange slices of the pie chart will be cooked food. About 90% of the food is raw. Yes, monkeys eat all their food raw, but I’m not going to eat a handful of raw bugs. I also like to have some grains in my salads. Maybe someday I can eat just greens, but for now I need something to break it up. There are grains and beans out there that you can just soak overnight, but I’m giving myself a little break. I’ve just committed to eating nearly all fruits and veggies, so I’ll make what I want for my grains and beans.

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