Inflammation is Real!

Hey y’all,

I mentioned in a previous post that I couldn’t wait to stop talking about skin health and to get back to gardening and frugality, but since I discovered more information about inflammation, I have realized that I can’t stop talking about it. So many people have problems with it, and information causes the majority of health issues around the world. I do want to discuss gardening and frugality, but inflammation and health is just so important.

So, to reduce inflammation, you basically cut out foods like gluten that cause inflammation and incorporate more fruits and veggies, exercise more, and reduce stress.

Some people just say that simply eat a whole-foods plant-based (WFPB) diet. The problem with that is that a WFPB diet doesn’t necessarily include colorful veggies. I ate a WFPB for two years. It absolutely helped my inflammation because it cut out inflammation-causing foods, but it didn’t get rid of it since I was eating a lot of white potatoes and bananas, which have basically no antioxidants. On top of the inflammation, I got Candida Overgrowth (which wreaks havoc on the body) from all the sugars in the bananas and maple syrup.

But seriously, what even are antioxidants? So, think of all the cells in your body as cars on the freeway. Some of the cars/cells crash together. That’s like inflammation in the body. Antioxidants would be like the first responders who take care of the crash and prevent more cars/cells from getting hurt.

So, antioxidants are important, especially for people like me with chronic inflammation (unfortunately, the chronic part means it’ll never really go away). And antioxidants come from colorful fruits and veggies. (There are some spices and teas with antioxidants, but that’s a different post)


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