Inflammation Diet

Hey y’all,

I started off my day with a powerhouse smoothie inspired by Cara Brotman. She’s a super healthy raw vegan that does intermittent fasting. I usually forget about eating lunch since that’s the busiest time of my day, so her meals seemed like a good fit. She doesn’t eat an anti-inflammatory diet, per sé, but most of her diet is naturally anti-inflammatory.

I wasn’t going to try all the stuff Cara put in her smoothie, but it was a very good template. I ended up throwing in 1/4 of a green apple, 1/4 c of papaya, 1/4 c of each: walnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, and flax seed, nearly a cup of pinto beans, and 1/2 c of mixed berries. There’s a specific reason for each of these ingredients, but mainly, the huge variety of healthy foods contains a plethora of nutrients. It’s not just a banana smoothie. All the nuts and seeds provide a lot of calories and protein as well, which is great if you tend to go underweight. One big glass is 940 calories!

I also took a walk before I ate this smoothie. I only walked about half a mile, but it’s a start.

For dinner, I had this lovely salad:

It probably looks a lot like my dinner from yesterday, but it was so different. This one had more beans and grains and a more Asian dressing rather than an Indian one.

I also had a bean bar for a snack. That sounds savory, but they’re a play on bean brownies without being so chocolatey. I will be sharing some recipes I’m making.

My insides feel great, but I did get super thirsty after eating some of my freezer chocolate. It’s basically a mix of coconut oil, cocoa powder, and stevia, and I find that I get super thirsty after I eat, even if I only have a bite. It obviously doesn’t bother most people, since I’ve seen two different sets of YouTubers use the basic recipe, but I don’t think I’ll be eating it much.


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