Candida Test Again

Hey y’all,

I thought I was pretty much out of the woods with my Candida, so I did the Candida Spit Test again.

Unfortunately, my spit still tested positive for Candida. However, it did look very different. Last time, half my spit just sunk, but this time, it only had some strings hanging a third of the way into the water (it looked a lot like seaweed, so it’s definitely not as heavy). I assume this means that, yes, I still have Candida Overgrowth, but my levels of Candida are lower.

Not only can I tell from the test that my Candida level is lower, but I also feel better. Of course, I’m seeing a healing of my Candida-induced eczema, but I’m also able to drink my Pau D’Arco Tea in the morning if I want or eat my coconut oil chocolate during the day. For a while, I could only do that in the evening. The tea and coconut oil are super foods for getting rid of Candida, but expelling all that Candida isn’t fun at all. An hour after consuming the tea or oil, I would have major stomach cramps, nausea, sweats, shakiness, and I would have to poop several times before feeling relief. I couldn’t function throughout my day like that. Now that my Candida level is lower, I don’t have those problems.

I was hoping that the spit test would show that I don’t have a problem with Candida anymore, but at least it’s showing that I am, indeed, getting better.

As I said in my post last night, I plan to eat a lot more carbohydrates (carbs hold water in the body). I can’t take any more dry mouth. Plus, if I don’t begin to get more hydrated, my underlying eczema won’t get any better even if the Candida-induced eczema improves.

I already started in on the carbs by having cream of rice and a bean brownie for breakfast. So, here’s to carbs (holding up my water glass)


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