All or Nothing Diet

Hey y’all,

I’m discovering that an eczema-healing diet is pretty all or nothing when it comes to vegetables.

A carnivore diet can heal eczema. There are so many chemicals (natural, but there) in plant foods that are fine for people with normal skin, but they can cause problems for people with eczema.

However, eating all that meat on a long-terms basis is bad for health (also see what any plant-based drs have to say), bad for the planet, and gets very expensive. Let’s face it, eating steak (or even ground hamburger meat) multiple times a day is more expensive than a bowl of rice and beans.

That being said, I am realizing that eating mostly starchy foods like rice or potatoes (while they will heal eczema) won’t keep eczema at bay for the long term. In 2019, I did successfully clear my skin up by eating mostly starchy foods. Then I discovered that I wasn’t eating enough calories per day, so I started hitting the starchy food ever harder.

Things like lettuce and broccoli took a back seat to things like rice and potatoes. While this did allow me to gain weight (which I needed since I was looking skeletal), my eczema eventually came back. The skin is the very last organ to receive any nutrients, so healing eczema requires a lot of nutrients.

If you’re going to eat vegetables at all (which I HIGHLY recommend for all the reasons – health, planet, wallet, dry mouth, etc.), you’ll need to eat a lot of vegetables.


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