Food Forest, More Plant Talk

Hey y’all,

We are finally, finally in the process of buying a house.

It’s taken so long for everything, but we finally partnered up with an awesome realtor, and she’s getting things done lickety-split. At this point, something could go wrong, but I feel pretty confident that we’re going to get this house.

It has just over half an acre of land, so I can comfortably garden on half and let the dogs run free on the other half (half is about 4 times as big as what I can use now).

For years now, I’ve been wanting to grow a food forest. With renting, I didn’t want to put in any perrineal plants (plus, it’s nearly full-shade with dense, clay soil), but this new space is big and sunny, and we plan to stay there for decades. I’m thinking apples, pomegranates, pistachios, apricots, honeyberries, strawberries, rhubarb, blackberries, perrineal flowers, fish, quail/chickens, and so much more.

I can’t wait to talk about plants more and not really talk about skin health much. I’ve learned a ton, and I’m sure there’s still more to go, but it seems like I’m on the right track. I’m staying almost totally away from sugar. I start off each morning with a smoothie that’s usually avocado and frozen berries or a play on a bean dessert sweetened with stevia. Later in the day I usually have a salad or some sort of cooked green with chicken. I’ve been eating a lot of chicken. It’s weird after eating plant-based for so long, but the chicken does give my body several of the nutrients that it needs along with a tasty source of calories.

I’ve also been having bone broth most days. It has tons of collagen, and that’s good. I also got some papaya. I’m eating it sparingly since it does contain a fair amount of sugar, but papaya is so good for the digestive system! (It does smell like poop, though, so beware) Btw, I carry papaya enzyme mints on me. If I suspect I ate something I’m not supposed to, I pop a few of those mints, and it helps digest whatever I ate. This has been great for family gatherings.


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