I’m Done

Hey y’all,

I’m about to say something that could come back to bite me.

I’m done with eczema!

No, my skin isn’t clear yet, but I’m working on healing it, and I’m tired of dealing with eczema, so I’m done. A year ago, I successfully healed my skin for about 6 months. When my skin was clear, I assumed it was fine for me to eat whatever I wanted. The problem was, my insides hadn’t finished healing. I wrecked my skin again, and the only one I have to blame is myself.

Although, I don’t blame myself. Not really. I actually thought I was finished healing.

However, this time I know how to clear my skin, and I know that I’ll have to continue to keep it that way. I don’t plan to ever have a flare-up this big.

Btw, this is me. Unflattering, but you can see how the eczema’s taken over my arms.

I also have eczema patches on my stomach, my legs, my chest, and my hands.

I’ve realized there’s some eczema maintenance I’ll have to do after I get my skin clear. That means supplements and several dietary changes. But it’ll be worth it to keep my skin clear.

Side note: it’s funny how eczema never looks as bad in pictures as it does in real life. The photos never seem to capture the degree of red. In the above photos, my eczema looks almost flesh-colored, but I assure you that it’s not. It was quite a rosy hue.


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