Eczema Master Food List

Hey y’all!

I’m so excited! I just posted the master food list I created on Etsy!

Since I’m pregnant and may end up having a child with food sensitivities, I compiled all the information I’ve learned over the past two years into a huge spreadsheet so I could give it to the grandparents for whenever they babysit. But then I realized that my list was going on 6 pages, so I pared it down as much as I could, and now it’s comfortably 3 pages. That’s still long, but it’s a lot less long than it could have been.

After making the list for the baby, I started thinking and discovered that the list can help me (because I forget things sometimes), and it could actually help a lot of other people.

At first, I was just going to post it on the blog, but then I realized that it was a significant amount of work that I should get paid for. I did learn everything for free, but I discovered it over the course of almost two years of research. My list is a compilation of 2 other lists, an article, several videos, and knowledge from my own brain. Instead of posting it for free, I put it on Etsy for $5.

It’s been frustrating for me to try and research remedies for eczema (none of which worked for me), and I would love to help someone else not go through that frustration.

To that end, if you are dealing with eczema, Michelle Mills is a wealth of knowledge.


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