My Food Intolerances and Plants

Hey y’all,

So, I’ve realized that I just have some food Intolerances. The naive me from 2019 thought that once my eczema cleared, I could go back to eating most things aside from eggs and gluten, but au contraire!

After living through a year and a half really listening to my body and ending up nearly back where I started, I’ve realized that I’ll have to pay attention to this stuff forever. You can completely clear eczema, but it’s not “curable,” per sé. Eczema is just an autoimmune deficiency. You can manage it, even manage it really well, but it never totally goes away.

With that said, I’ve discovered that I’m intolerant/sensitive to histamines and salicylates, and I likely have a tendency towards Candida overgrowth.

All that means is that I’ll have to be careful about what I eat. It also leads into some plants I want. First off, milk thistle. Medicinally, milk thistle helps detox the liver. Otherwise, it’s just a beautiful plant.

I also need to watch my sugar intake, so I want to grow a lot of berries. I already have my honeyberry plants, but whenever we finally move (which should be happening in the near future), I want to plant some thornless blackberries. If the yard gets enough sun, I’ll get some blueberries, too, but I foresee it being pretty shady.

I still on the fence about strawberries. I seem to be able to eat them with no problem, but they’re supposed to be a high-histamine food. The same goes for avocados. I may eat more of these from the store and only plant them if I feel fine.

Hopefully, when I work out my diet kinks and get my skin to be less inflamed, I can discuss plants and gardening more. I was getting into that more this spring and summer, but pregnancy and Candida have totally derailed me this fall.

The final thought for this post is that I feel like Monroe from Grimm (maybe you’ve seen this show). If not, Monroe is a sort-of werewolf that’s able to keep his wolf-form under control. When asked how, he says it requires a strict regimen of diet, drugs, and exercise. I will be having to do the same, so I’ve tentatively decided that I’m a werewolf (or Blutbad for Grimm fans).


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