Candida Spit Test

Hey y’all,

I began Day 1 of my Candida Cleanse by doing a Candida Spit Test. It’s a free way to see how your body’s doing, and I’m all about the free.

I’ve been curious about how sugar affects me for a while. Having to eat cool foods since I got pregnant has had me eating lots of sweets, and here lately, I’ve been really itchy and my eczema is so bad. Even though I was pretty sure I had Candida overgrowth, I’d never had it tested.

Basically, as soon as you wake up, before brushing your teeth or consuming anything, fill a clear glass with water and spit into it. Let it sit for at least a minute before evaluating it. Then look to see what happened. If any of the saliva dropped below the surface, there is too much Candida in the body. Here is a cool article explaining it.

My spit stayed half on the surface and half dropped to the bottom of the glass. So, I was right, and I have Candida overgrowth.

This could be irritating, but I’m actually glad because now I can do something about it. If this weren’t the problem, I’d be going back to traditional medicine and using tons of steroid cream. I was so happy and proud when I wasn’t using any of the creams, but I began using little bits this summer to keep a big flare-up at bay, and recently, I’ve been having to use it on my hands up to 4 times a day. And that doesn’t even clear my skin! That only allows my skin to not have open wounds!

I am a little worried about how I’m going to hold up, though. I have already cut out the processed foods from my diet, but this is a whole new ball game. I’m used to eating a lot of fruit, and I can’t have any for a few days, and not much after that.

Even right now, I’m having plan popcorn and water until we go to the store, because there’s nothing in the house for me to eat (except for plain chicken, I guess). And I’m going to get angry when the Candida get hungry. They don’t like being starved, and I’m going to want sugar really badly. But, if it helps my skin, it’ll be worth it. Besides, I’ve been through something similar when I stopped eating gluten (it’s good I already did that, or I’d have to stop now).

So this is the start of Day 1. Wish me luck!


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