Candida Diet

Hey y’all,

So… My skin’s been flaring up a lot lately. This year has been harder on my eczema than last year, but I thought working outside so much was causing it. However, I’ve been staying inside almost exclusively for a few weeks, and my skin is back to almost as bad as it’s ever been.

I’ve been using my steroid cream several times a day, but it’s just barely keeping the eczema at bay. I went to do some more research on the internet, and I actually found a woman who talked about people with skin problems getting better initially when they add in lots of fruit to their diet, but eventually all the fruit sugars support Candida overgrowth and the skin problems come back.

Hearing this, I couldn’t help but think how that sounded just like how I got better last year after changing my diet but kept getting worse after a few months. Tonight I’m finishing off some bean brownies that I made, and tomorrow I’m going to begin a Candida cleanse.

And if anyone is wondering, yes, this diet is plenty healthy for the baby. Even if it weren’t super healthy (I’ll be eating mostly steamed/raw veggies), having a mom who’s riddled with eczema and toxins definitely isn’t good for the baby.

After my cleanse (which should last 3-7 days… Basically as long as I can hold out without any fruit at all), I plan to carry on with a mostly raw, mostly vegan form of the Candida diet.

Yes, there are totally fully vegan Candida diets, but chicken seems to really support my skin.

So, wish me luck! It’s going to be hard with my in-laws giving me chocolate, but I have to do something.


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