Having a Baby and Dispatching Rabbits

Hey y’all,

If you read my previous post, you know that I’m pregnant. Yay!

Yesterday my husband and I told the family. We made all the rounds, and I hope we didn’t miss anyone.

I’m not going to say anything new here. There have been many, many pregnant women over the centuries, but I’m going to talk about some of the discoveries I’ve made so far.

I’m about 7 weeks along at the moment, which still shocks me since I had no idea until last week. I had missed my period, so when I got cramps a few weeks ago, I was ready for the period to come. But it never came which I thought was weird, but I dismissed that at first.

Then, I started having hiccupping fits at work. The woman I work with actually asked if I’d drunk my lunch (which I hadn’t). Again, I ignored it. It was strange, but not something associated with having a baby.

Then the sickness came. And “morning” sickness is a lie. It’s all day. Thank God it hasn’t made me seriously throw up yet, but for days my stomach has just felt queasy. The first couple of times it happened, it hit me really hard. I had to stop what I was doing and focus on breathing because I was seriously about to puke. After a couple days I realized that it helped when I snacked a lot. I’d still feel sick, but I didn’t feel like I would hurl. I wouldn’t have thought too much of this alone, but it did make me begin to wonder.

Soon after beginning to feel sick, I noticed my boobs get bigger and denser, and I didn’t want to contract my abs if I didn’t have to (which was very strange since I’ve been doing the whole picture-time-suck-in-the-gut thing 24/7 since I was a child. With everything else that was going on, this proved it to me. To me, I was, without a doubt, pregnant.

The husband was a different matter. I told him what was going on and what I thought, but we weren’t planning to have a kid for a few more years, so he brushed it off. I finally had to do two home-pregnancy tests to make him believe.

After that, the pregnancy insomnia hit. I didn’t even know this was a thing, but apparently it’s fairly common. I’d be exhausted and go to bed early, but then I’d lay awake for hours. And I’m talking like 3/4/5+ hours. People say to get all the sleep you can before the baby’s born, but that can be a whole lot easier said than done.

I haven’t had any cravings yet, but I’ve been told that will change. Honestly (and it might just be because I haven’t experienced it) I’m looking forward to pregnancy cravings. I’m hoping that if those happen it’ll make something else stop, so maybe it’ll be better. Or, who knows, maybe it’ll just get worse from here, but I’m hoping that my body will adjust and stop doing some of this stuff. Right now I feel awesome, but I know that that can change pretty quickly.

Now let’s talk about rabbits. I did dispatch all of my female rabbits. They were both really, really poor mothers. They weren’t doing me much good, so I went ahead and got rid of them.

Honestly, with winter approaching and me being pregnant, I’m glad to not have to worry about taking care of the rabbits. I just have the one male (because poop), and he’s much easier to take care of by himself.

Also, I’ve decided to never again have meat rabbits. I might try chickens in the future, but not rabbits. Their fur is so dense that it’s difficult to skin them. They also don’t have enough meat on them to make it seem worth all the work. This is ironic, actually, because I watched several videos before I got rabbits talking about how they were easier to care for and clean than chickens. However, now that I think about it, the easier cleaning was always due to the fact that chickens are usually plucked, but I’m thinking that if they were skinned, it would be extremely easy to clean them.

For those who are worried about this blog becoming all about babies, don’t be. I will be keeping everyone posted on what’s happening, but I’m not planning on becoming fully engulfed with baby fever. I still have a homestead that I’m trying to get up and running.


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