Make-up is Helping My Skin?

Hey y’all,

So, this really surprised me, but wearing foundation make-up actually makes my skin clearer.

Now, this may not work for most people, in fact it probably won’t as make-up generally irritates any skin condition that is present, and wearing mascara or any other type of make-up does irritate my skin.

I’ve looked at the ingredients on my liquid foundation (I’m not sure if powder would be different, but I use the cheap, liquid make-up from the dollar store), and I can only suppose that my skin is sensitive to the elements and the make-up provides a barrier between them and my skin.

I usually don’t wear make-up and discovered this as a fluke awhile back. I put on the make-up to mask the redness on my face, and it was gone when I took the make-up off that night. At first I thought there must be make-up residue left on my face, but I washed it again, and my redness was still gone.

Recently, I’ve begun wearing foundation more often. I don’t bother with the rest of the make-up routine since I normally wouldn’t bother with any of it, but if the foundation helps, then I’ll put it on. It also has the added bonus of making me more diligent about my skin routine. If I put on make-up, I’ll make sure to take the time to wash my face and moisturize.


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