Lasagna Gauntlet

That’s it! I’m throwing down the gauntlet!

I love lasagna. It’s my favorite thing to make because I’ve made it very easy on myself. I don’t even layer very much. I just melt the cheese into my canned tomato sauce and dump it on. Because of this, I end up with an orange-y lasagna instead of the traditional red and white.

But there’s a problem. I’m having a hard time eating regular lasagna. Because of my health, I’m not supposed to have gluten or tomatoes or cheese. I tried doing my usual lasagna with gf noodles (and I’m glad to say it was still awesome), and I convinced myself that having tomatoes and cheese every once in a while was fine.

Ah, how wrong I was. I ate the gf lasagna, but before I even finished, I began sweating. I learned that this reaction (it happens with several foods) is a form of mild anaphylactic shock.

For a while, I just ate the lasagna anyway and dealt with the lasagna sweats, but I finally decided to change my lasagna recipe.

I googled for a dairy-free no tomato lasagna recipe, but what I found would require me to grate and chop a lot of veggies. While I can do that, I’m not going to. I eat orange lasagna for a reason, so I’m not about to start chopping up vegetables for my lasagna. Maybe if I were to make a big batch of the sauce in advance… I may try that someday…

But for right now, I’m throwing down the lasagna gauntlet. I’m going to work on making a tomato-free, dairy-free, gluten-free lasagna that’s really good but really easy. I want a recipe that I can throw together when I don’t feel good and need to lift my spirits. Like on a Monday night.

I have a hunch that I can easily make a vegan alfredo sauce to use in this.

Also, may I just say that it’s annoying to find a great recipe (in general) only to find out that it utilizes vegan cheese or gf breadcrumbs or some other processed food that isn’t available here? I was telling a friend about having to find a vegan cheese recipe that I could use for grilled cheese, and she asked why I didn’t just buy it. Well now, I live in a tiny town in rural East Texas. Vegan cheese isn’t available here. And it’s a cold item, so I can’t just order it online. This is the reason I made my own gf bread recipe. I’ve only seen 1 small, sad loaf of gf bread, and it was 30 minutes away.

Anyway, rant over. Be looking for a post about a tomato-free lasagna in the future.


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