Hey y’all,

I’ve been thinking a lot about tomatoes. I wanted to grow tomatoes so badly, but now that I have, I’m realizing that there’s almost no point. My husband and I don’t eat fresh tomatoes, and I can’t eat much tomato sauce. I don’t really need to eat any.

Also, tomato sauce is so cheap, I’m not saving any money in making my own.

What I do really like, and can get very expensive, is greens. I’ve made posts about how I’ve eaten yard weeds, and it’s true that I’d rather eat grass than pay for greens, but I’d really love to not have to do that.

The swiss chard in my garden grew so amazingly this year that I’m definitely planning on growing more of that. But instead of spending so much time on growing tomatoes, which need a lot of light and don’t want to grow well in my yard, I’m planning on planting more heat tolerant greens.

Did you know that sweet potato greens can be a substitute for spinach? When it got hot enough that my chard stopped producing, my sweet potatoes were beginning to produce. My ground’s too dense to get much in the way of root crops, but I’ve been eating the sweet potato greens quite often.

If there are any greens that I should try and grow, please tell me about them. I’m planning on Swiss chard, sweet potatoes, spinach, tatsoi mustard, kale, and some lettuces, although the only ones I know will do well and taste good are the chard and sweet potatoes.


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