Skin Update

Hey y’all.

Sometimes I wish I were a bit more normal, but alas, I am not.

Recently, I got a part-time job doing some filing. At the moment, I’m working out of another employee’s house because of Corona, and this employee smokes in the house.

I’m not allergic (per sé) to cigarette smoke, but like so many things, I’m really sensitive to it.

As y’all know, the spring pollens weren’t nice to my skin already, and this prolonged exposure to smoke right after has my skin having a nervous breakdown.

This photo looks better than the actuality. My cheek is red and weepy, and it’s scabbed over. I’ve even been using some steroid cream on my face, because it’s the only thing powerful enough to help quickly.

I should be working in the company office soon. Smoking isn’t allowed in there, so hopefully at that point I can stop the cream. I really like not using it.


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