Dogs AND Rabbits?

Hey y’all.

So we have dogs. And we have rabbits.

Since dogs are descended from wolves, it would seem that having both dogs and rabbits would cause trouble, but not so it turns out.

Mr. J and I have had dogs since we first got married. I’m not a huge fan of having dogs in the house, but Mr. J loves dogs, and we don’t have enough outside space to have outdoor dogs.

Then, this year, Mr. J and I got 3 rabbits so that we could breed them and have a ready food source should we ever need it.

It’s good the dogs stay mostly inside, because the rabbits stay outside in the garden shed. As long as we monitor the dogs when they go out to the bathroom and keep the shed door closed, there hasn’t been a problem.

There have even been a few occasions in which the dogs did get too close for comfort to the bunnies, but the dogs seemed to just want to stare at the bunnies.

In fact, having the dogs scent around the shed helps keep other things out. At one point, we tried putting up a second layer of fencing a few feet from the shed to move the dogs back, and 2 days in, some other animal tried to attack our rabbits. Luckily, they were all fine, but there was blood and one rabbit had somehow escaped its cage.

Of course, it wouldn’t work out so well if we allowed the dogs and the rabbits to run free in the same area, but we’ve managed to have both.


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