No More Babies :(

So, remember how in this post I was so excited that my rabbit had given birth?

Well, it’s been less than 48 hrs since the bunnies were born, and they’ve all died.

I can’t really blame anyone. Before, I said that the Mama rabbit was a crap mom, but I think she just had no idea what she was doing. This was her first litter.

The real culprit was the fact that these babies were early. Rabbit gestation is about 31 days, and these babies were born in only 19 days.

They were small to begin with, but the mom’s milk hadn’t come in yet, so they got really small really quickly.

I watched some videos about early rabbits. I tried sponge feeding the last one (by today there was only one). He seemed to really enjoy the protein shake I gave him (it was all I had), but it was too late. He died in my hands.

I feel like I need a drink.


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