We have Babies!

Last night, one of my rabbits gave birth.

It surprised me, because she was due on July 15th, which isn’t for another week and a half… and in bunny pregnancy, that’s a long time.

I went to feed the bun buns their dinner, and I kept seeing these pink blobs on the concrete. (She did a crap job of making a nest). Then, the blobs started wiggling, and I thought they were some sort of insect egg sack that I hadn’t seen before. I was thinking ‘I should step on these and squish them before they hatch… but I’m in flip-flops.’

It’s a good thing I didn’t squish them, because I finally realized that they were baby bunnies.

I made this nest. The rabbit did a really crappy job.

By this morning, they looked a bit more like rabbits. It was easier to make out the legs, and I even saw a few ears. I don’t know when exactly these were born, but I’m thinking it wasn’t too long before I took this picture.

I’m so excited about this! Not only is it pretty cool that life was made in our shed (because that’s freakin’ awesome), but this is also food security for us. We got rabbits back in January to be meat rabbits, and it took all the way until July for us to raise them to breeding age.

Actually, this is technically still a bit early. I tried just to see, but the big bunnies should really begin breeding in a few weeks.

Even so, in another 6 weeks or so, we’ll be having rabbit for dinner.

I suppose this could be looked at as a frugal move, but I got these rabbits as one of my preparedness assets. I am gardening, but I’m not super good at it yet, and my husband likes his meat, so rabbits seemed like a relatively easy option.

Whenever we get the space to have a pond, I plan to stock it with fish. I’m not a huge fan of fish, but they’ll be there if ever we need them, and in the meantime, they’ll make great fertilizer.

But enough about that. For now, I’m just going to enjoy these babies.


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